New docs site

TestStack have upgraded our docs to use documentation projects. Documentation is often an overlooked aspect of many open source projects. Readme are a fantastic new startup that not only make it easy to create beautiful documentation, but also make documentation a central hub on which you can build a community around your project by crowdsourcing your docs.

Readme provide their Developer Hub tier free for open source projects, so a big thank you to them for providing seven docs projects to us for free - one for the TestStack organisation, and one for each of our six projects.

Microsoft have recently done something similar, using Read the Docs to provide crowdsourced docs for ASP.Net 5 that you can edit on GitHub. While that's great, I think that is even better and encourage you to check it out for your own projects.

Community Driven Documentation

So, what does it mean to have crowdsourced docs? Well, no matter how much time the main TestStack contributors put into the TestStack projects, there is always more that can be done. We appreciate any contributions, whether they be code, where you can submit pull requests on GitHub, or documentation.

These new documentation pages all have a Suggest Edits icon in the top right-hand corner. Just click this button and make the proposed changes using markdown and the fantastic editor and widgets. One of the core TestStack team will review the proposed changes and accept them.